A word from the founder

I am a long time mountain guide and the founder of Dadisi Adventures with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Tourism from the University of Iringa in Tanzania. Over six years experience of guiding wonderful people up Mount Kilimanjaro inspired me to inspire others by starting an all ethnic African owned tour companyThe name, Dadisi, means “journey”, “explore” or “discover” in our native language, Swahili.

Our mission is simple: You Travel, we change lives! At its core, the objective of this tour operation is to inspire our clients, co-workers and help the less privileged with what we earn in order to enable and empower others in our community.

So travel with us to change lives, reshape destinies and restore lost hope! All you have to do is explore and discover the joy of Africa, we do the rest. You have my promise to have nothing less than devoted services. Ahsante sana, (Thank you very much!)!

Shealtiel M. Mathiya

About Dadisi Adventures

Dadisi Adventures came about as a response to unfavorable working conditions that many guides, porters and other African support staff experience under the auspices of foreign companies with investment objectives outside of the country. At its heart the company’s intention is to advocate love, care and compassion for others, by namely providing great conditions for both clients and co-workers. Dadisi Adventures’ mission is to provide fair living wages, good working conditions and a safe journey for all concerned. We wish to lead by example.

It is important to take time to choose the right operator when traveling to Tanzania, East and Southern Africa, and to make sure they reflect your own ethical standards for business, human rights and fair wages. Choose wisely!

At Dadisi Adventures we have stood out for our incredible service to clients and outstanding treatment of staff from the onset. As our social media reflects, all of our clients have left raving reviews.

Ownership & Philosophy: Keep it Local!

It’s not just hipsters who are keeping it local! The idea of running ethical businesses with locally sourced products and talent is also a big concern in Africa. Dadisi Adventures is locally owned by a Tanzanian  Kilimanjaro mountain guide whose main concern is that tourism investment for Africa stays in Africa for Africans’ economic development.

By remaining local and cutting out the international middleman, we are able to offer professional guides, porters and crew a normal living wage as well as provide them with the necessary equipment and daily meals for each journey. We have cut out the unethical practices that sometimes lead to the sudden death of guides and porters due to malnutrition. We make a difference that you can feel with our happy team; it’s unforgettable and fantastic!


The level and quality of service starts employee satisfaction that renders the services to our clients. We provide three meals a day for both crew and clients. The crew eats different dishes because they prefer very local dishes rich in carbohydrates in order to keep up their energy to carry all the heavy equipment up the mountain!

  • Our guides are registered, well informed and trustworthy.
  • Our company gives high guide-client ratios for customers’ safety and satisfaction during their treks and adventures.
  • Experienced guides with altitude sickness and prevention methods.
  • Fully trained and coordinated teams with Parks’ services in case of emergencies.
  • We pay fair and timely wages.
  • The hotels we use have a good track record and can be reached quickly in case of an emergency.
  • Our safari vehicles are Land Cruisers with pop up roofs, and we provide a roomy sitting plan that allows for perfect game viewing.
  • We allow our guides to establish ethical relationships with our customers to enrich the life of both parties, and learn from each other.

High Altitude Expertise

We recognize threat of altitude related problems because it has been an obstacle to many climbing Kilimanjaro, and our guides are experienced professionals in all altitude issues that our clients may encounter.

Our guides go through regular trainings as required by the National Park authorities; they have years of experience on both the mountain and safaris and can provide advice, best remedies and rescue for any emergency situation on the field.

We check our clients’ Oxygen saturation and pulse rates on daily basis using a device called Oxy-meter and we keep all the records for monitoring. In case of an emergency situation or breathing problem we have an oxygen tank to assist breathing as our team rush a victim to lower altitude, or in the worst-case scenario coordinate an emergency helicopter evacuation.

We do not supply DIAMOX, (altitude sickness pills), but we advise you accordingly towards your decision to take it. Prior to taking it, be advised that in many countries Diamox is a prescription drug, and you should get the approval of your doctor before taking it. We are well prepared to handle any situation our clients encounter on a trek or safari, but moreover it is important to listen to our guides and adhere to their recommendations.

Ethical Operations

We believe in sustainable solutions to set values and ethical conduct with our transparent operations, which are open to clients and our crew. As roadmap we are paying fair living wages that allow dignity and security to all of our staff members.

Through personal experience we know what it’s like to be taken advantage of, by unethical tour operators who practice low wages and delayed payments, shortage of food for the crew, poor clothing and equipment, and overcrowded old sleeping tents. Many operators choose to overburden porters with overweight luggage to lower the number of crew to compensate for the gap created by selling cheap trips to win a sale. We believe in conducting business in a more sustainable way; we do not view our staff as disposable, but rather our main asset.

Community Focus

We are product of the good people around us and we can’t succeed alone, we need others. In our community we choose to focus on orphans, widows, sick, old, and the poor. We believe we were given the gift of life not to be observers but to participate in every stage of life of the needy around us with what we can give: time, love, financing.

The facilities we choose, such as the hotel in Moshi, are nonprofit and the earnings sustain the orphans’ school just in front of the building, (visit Stella Maris lodges for information). We also support the Njiapanda Primary School for Deaf Children, in rural Moshi, by providing books, chalk and nutrition.

In addition we have a special project that assists young girls and women who are finding their way back to education after dropping out due to pregnancy and financial difficulties. We enable them with vocational training to acquire skills in making tourism related products.

The ladies display their products to clients at the hotels, after climbs and safaris, during the handing out of certificates of achievement. If you choose to buy from them, you support not only our cause, but a sustainable community initiative.

In the world that cares less we care more. By traveling with us you are transforming lives, reshaping destinies and restoring lost hope. You travel, we change lives!