Machame - Jumping-at-the-top-of-Barranco-wall-on-the-clear-sky-(Machame-route)

Machame Trail – 8 Days


A dedicated and magnificent trek for a week


Product Description

Machame route has become most popular route up Kilimanjaro in recent years. It is most of time crowded since it takes few days to do Kilimanjaro minimum of six days. There are other several factors that make this route popular and crowded. This route gives vast opportunity to acclimatize as one walks to the camp. This means a climber do not need to go extra mile higher to acclimatize but before getting to a camp for an overnight get to pass through a higher point then walk down to the camp. Attraction in this route is unbeatable since it offers a climber a view of Shira Plateau and its escapements. The way summit or the peak is approached makes it easy and exciting to pass through vegetation zones. The distances walked everyday are regularly short most especially seven days climbs excluding day three to lava tower. The most renowned reason that calls for this route is high success rate compared to other summit routes that is Marangu and western breach that starts from the arrow glacier near Lava tower. The camps are wide enough to offer an enjoyable experience. There are ironical claims of this route being hard hence called whisky route in comparison to Marangu route named coca cola but check on success rate Machame makes most of it than Marangu. The distance to the peak from the base camp (barafu) compared to from kibo huts on Marangu route. The route is joined by the climbers from Lemosho on the third all the way to the exit gate.  

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Discounts apply if 2 or more people travel together and share accommodations. If people are traveling as a group, but wish to have private accommodation, $60 will be added to their personal total after the group discount.

1 person – $1250.00
2 people – $1200.00 each
3 people – $1150.00 each
4 people – $1100.00 each
5+ people – $1050.00 each


Day 1

Arrival JRO-Hotel (Arrival)

Day 2
Hotel-Gate 1830m/6000ft-Machame camp 3000m/9836ft (Altitude gain 1170m/3910ft)

Day 3
Machame camp-Shira cave camp 3840m/12600ft (Altitude Gain is 840m/2665ft

Day 4 
Shira cave-lava tower 4600- Baranco camp 3940m/12931.2ft (Altitude gain 100m/336.36ft)

Day 5
Baranco-Karanga Valley Camp – Barafu (Base camp) 4675m/15360ft (Altitude gain 735m/2411.42ft)

Day 6
Barafu-Stella 5739m/18888ft-Uhuru 5895m/19340ft-then descent to Millenium Camp 3797m/12462ft (Altitude gain1072m/ to Stella and 1215m/3980ft to Uhuru peak and lose 2075m/6810ft to Millenium camp)

Day 7
Millenium camp- Mweka exit gate1600masl-hotel

Day 8
Hotel – Airport JRO/Arusha (Departure)


1.  This is most opted Kilimanjaro trip of all without knowledge of what one encounters/feels during the climb.

The difference between the six and seven day climb through his route is that the seven day climbers stay at a camp called Karanga camp 3995m/13255ft for a night, and the six day climbers stop there only for lunch and proceed to the base camp.

Upon arrival at base camp it is on that same night that they attempt to summit. From experience most of climbers regret to have opted for this. The distance from Baranco camp which is at 3940m/12931ft to the base camp (Barafu) at 4680m/15360ft requires well trained mountaineer. Literary it is too long of a distance to walk, with the changes in altitude, the same night you are supposed to climb to the peak which adds up to 16 hours walk in total.

The seven day option is very good for increasing chances to make it to the summit without suffering or having to stop altogether. It is recommended for those who want to challenge their physical fitness but who are ready to embrace anything that comes along with it. It can be achieved but just poses challenge which often times turns to suffering due to less time to rest before attempting the summit after a ten hour walk.

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