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Northern Circuit Trail 11 days

Northern Circuit Trail-KTC

Climbing Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain itself is exciting, opting Northern Circuit trail makes it even more adventurous and life changing experience. This trail starts from Lemosho gate on the West Kilimanjaro taking one around the mysterious Kibo peak via shira Cathedral peak which is third peak of Kilimanjaro. It gives enough time to acclimatize and allow the body to adjust with altitude hence rising chances to conquer the peak with fewer struggles in terms of physical exhaustion due to short distances covered daily.

Photography is none to compare as it offers view and scenery just breathtaking. Amazing dynamic look of the summit will leave one astonished only the camera lens will help as mere words can’t.  The trail starts from Lemosho gate as an entrance point to Mweka gate as an exit point. The route requires not less than Nine days (9) on the mountain and two nights at the hotel upon arrival and a night after climb making total of eleven (11) days

Please see our possible itinerary which can be modified to suit one’s choice and time schedule.

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DAY 1 (Date)

Pick up at airport/entry point to the Hotel and overnight

DAY 2 (Date)

Hotel to Lemosho gate 2100m6889.7ft -Mti mkubwa 2650m/8694.2ft

Approximate time: 3 hrs

DAY 3 (Date)

Mti mkubwa – Shira 1 3600m/11811ft

Distance: 4.9ml/7.8km

Approximated Time: 6hrs

DAY 4 (Date)

Shira 1 – Shira 2 3800m/12467.1ft via Shira Cathedral peak 3870m/12696.8ft

Distance: 9.9ml/15.9km

Approximated time: 5-6 hrs

DAY 5 (Date)

Shira 2 –Moir campsite 2750m/9022.3ft

DAY 6 (Date)

Moir hut campsite – Buffalo campsite 3950m/12959.3ft

Distance: 4.4ml/7km

Approx time: 6hrs

DAY 7 (Date)

Pofu campsite – Third Cave campsite 3650m/11975ft

Distance: 5.1ml/8.2km

Approx time: 5hrs

DAY 8 (Date)

Third cave campsite – School hut campsite 4700m/15419.9ft

Distance: 3.0ml/4.8km

Approx time: 4hrs

DAY 9 (Date)

School hut – Summit (Uhuru Peak) 5895m/19340ft – High camp 3950m/12959.3ft

DAY 10 (Date)

High camp – Mweka gate (Exit point) 1600m/5249.3 – Hotel for an overnight

DAY 11 (Date)

Hotel to Airport or transfer for safari or Zanzibar

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