A stunning view of Kibo peak on umbwe route
Kibo peak as it looks soon after the forest belt

Umbwe Trail – 7 Days


A shortest trail and steepest route of Kilimanjaro


Product Description

Umbwe route is a shortest of all routes to get to the peak of mt. Kilimanjaro thus making it a steepest trail as it rises quickly. The park gate is located on the South-west of the mountain at elevation of 1600 m/5249 ft. This route is ideal for climbers who desire to challenge their climbing skills. Another interesting fact about this trail is that almost all the record makers uses it because its short distance to the top. The whole climb ascending and descending can be comfortably done in five days. It can also be done in four days posing climbers in high risk to be affected by altitude sickness.

This is less used trail though the trail loops with other western routes such as machame, Lemosho and Londorosi. This means the hike ends to Baranco campsite which is third day and fourth day for climbers from Machame and Lemosho respectively.

Even if this is very steep climb but it offers a quiet atmosphere for climbers giving the beautiful cliffs, valleys and hills while plenty of oxygen from rain forest is none to compare. As a result of hiking through the thick forest and a quick rise gives a sudden rise of Kibo peak with its scattered glaciers on top and vivid recent landslide making western breach.

From Barranco campsite some of adventurers opt for arrow glacier campsite aiming at attempting the summit through western breach which is technical climb and risky too. The common trail goes to Karanga campsite for five days climbers or Barafu campsites for those who aims to complete in four days. We offer five days climbs but if a climber wants to challenge their mountaineering skills we can go for western breach for acceptable rates and duration. Four days is also possible to negotiate on. Please see the possible itinerary underneath or write us message on our form in contact us section for more information.

From $1200.00

1 person – $1200.00
2 people – $1150.00 each
3 people – $1100.00 each
4 people – $1050.00 each
5+ people – $1000.00 each


Day 1  
Arrival JRO-Hotel (Arrival) – 30min

Day 2
Hotel-Gate 1600 m/5249 ft- Umbwe cave campsite 2850 m/9514 ft (Altitude gain is 1250 m/7053 ft)  Distance walked   11 km/9.5 miles 5-7 hrs

Day 3
Umbwe cave campsite- Baranco campsite 3940 m/12926 ft (Altitude gain is 1090 m/3576.1 ft)    6 km/3.7 miles  6-7 hrs

Day 4
Baranco – Karanga campsite 3995 m/13106 ft (Altitude gain is 55 m/180.4 ft)   

Day 5 

Barafu-Stella 5739m/18828.7ft-Uhuru 5895m/19340ft-then descent to High Camp 3797 m/12457 ft (Altitude gain 1072 m/ to Stella and 1215 m/3980 ft to Uhuru peak and lose 2075 m/6807.7 ft to High camp)

Day 6 

High camp- Mweka exit gate 1600 m/5249 ft-hotel

Day 7  
Hotel – Airport/Arusha (Departure)


1.     The price includes; Park fees, wages for guides and porters, hotel BB, three meals a day while on the mountain, transport. It excludes flight, Lunch and dinners, beverages and other drinks in the hotel, and the tipping for the team.


2.     Do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions by using our form on the contact page.