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Zanzibar Cultural Tour


Travel back in time to 1001 Arabian Nights, in the markets, alleyways and magical surroundings of Stone Town. Take a Spice Tour on the “spice island” of the world, and enjoy the most eclectic cuisine you have ever tasted.

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When visiting Africa, and particularly East Africa, you cannot afford to miss the Spice Island with its stunning beaches, a potent cultural history and diversity as well as sea activities.  A visit to this magical island is an unforgettable experience that is sure to change your perspective on life, food and history, as you know it.

Zanzibar is part of the United Republic of Tanzania and has a long history of slavery that has contributed to the wide array of origins evident on the island. The vast majority comes from both Bantu peoples who were traded in from central and eastern Africa as slaves, and the Arab slave masters at the time – who eventually intermarried. Today the population is a mostly mixed race.  The culture of the island itself reflects this mix in its cuisine, the colorful yet conservative dress style on the streets, and the vibrant mix of active religions as you walk around Stone Town’s enigmatic and labyrinthine alleys.

The area is dominated by Muslims and a few Christians, therefore it is prudent to respect a certain dress code when outside of the beach areas.

Arrange a cultural stay in Stone Town to experience fine cuisine, a spice tour, a visit to slave trading quarters, mosques, museums, and much more on an unforgettable cultural tour. This tour does not include hotel accommodation.

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